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Employment Skills Instructor


Do you want to enjoy going to work each day? Do you want to know that you are helping our clients? Do you love making a positive impact on someone's life? Do you want to start saving for your retirement and know that Sunflower cares about that too- we will match your contribution up to 2% of your total wage after working here 1 year. Do you have a heart for service? Do you like the idea of helping adults with disabilities earn a paycheck? All our clients that choose an employment option are paid for their work. You are helping them support themselves. Do you like the idea of working for a non-profit company that is investing money back into the community with local purchases, local renters, local shopping, and local community involvement. We serve a 5 county area: Barton, Pawnee, Rush, Stafford, and Rice counties. If you have answered yes to all or any of these questions please consider a career at Sunflower Diversified Services. We've got exciting things happening here for our clients and our employees. Sunflower is seeking qualified personnel to support individuals with developmental disabilities. - Sunflower offers training and retention bonuses. - Sunflower offers a group health insurance plan. - Sunflower offers a retirement plan in which the agency participates as well. - Sunflower employees are able to access a number of other medical and dental benefits through programs offered to the agency. Most of all, Sunflower offers an opportunity to make a difference for people, assisting individuals with developmental disabilities in becoming more independent and productive in their community. Full-time positions providing supports to individuals in our Day Employment Services program. If you would like to find out more about a career with Sunflower Diversified Services, please email [email protected] or stop by one of our locations located at:  8823 4th Street,  OR 5611 10th to pick up an application. A career that makes a life long difference in the lives of others.

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