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Biomed Equipment Technician III


Job Profile Summary The Bio-Medical Technician III maintains clinical equipment through the effective use of the Medical Equipment Management System. Demonstrates a mastery of skills and tasks associated with the installation, maintenance, calibration and repair of complex biomedical equipment (anesthesia, respiratory therapy, cardiovascular or patient monitors). Capable of educating others, including clinical staff related to the technical integration of the device/system. General Guidelines: Fully experienced with an exceptional skill set or knowledge; works with minimal supervision; capable of serving as a trainer, mentor to less experienced technicians. Identifies equipment for preventive maintenance, performs checklist assigned to equipment, performs electrical safety, corrects equipment failures and records results. Receives work request, assesses need of repair, orders parts if needed, completes work order request and records results. Identifies part number, completes the purchase order, contacts vendor to order part with purchase order number and identifying part number, forwards completed purchase order to materials management and receives and processes order. Manages equipment database, schedules and notifies outreach visit, follows proper check-in procedures, completes service and billing reports and schedules follow-up maintenance. Ensures safe driving techniques of the vehicles under adverse weather conditions. Loading and unloading the vehicles, maneuvers around obstacles. Ability to maneuver vehicles through heavy traffic and difficult loading dock entries. Completes daily maintenance of the vehicles by checking and filling gas, oil, transmission, windshield wiper and brake fluid levels and air pressure of tires. Completes minor maintenance problems. Provides mentorship in a positive environment by sharing knowledge and expertise with fellow staff and other pertinent individuals/facilities.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Education, or Experience

JOB REQUIREMENTS Required: Associate degree in electronic technology, graduate from a two year vocational training equivalency, military training required or a graduate of an accredited Biomedical Program, or ten years of prior biomedical equipment experience without education. Possesses advanced understanding and skills related to general biomedical systems and devices. Basic knowledge of mathematics, anatomy, physiology, biology, physics, chemistry, medical terminology, English, computer and networking peripherals, and professional skills. Comprehensive understanding of computers and network architecture. Ability to read and interpret schematics. A valid Kansas drivers license with an acceptable driving record and must be insurable through the medical centers insurance carrier. Additional certification may be required for certain settings or populations. Specific information and the timeframe in which such certification must be attained will be provided by the department director/manager/supervisor at time of hire/transfer into department. Exhibits a detailed understanding and can fully communicate the use of devices supported. Demonstrates an advanced knowledge of clinical equipment such as radiological, laboratory and network medical systems so that work beyond single devices can be appropriately accomplished. Can provide advanced support of acuity equipment for direct patient care. Has in-depth understanding of the operations and environment of areas supported such as hospital, clinic, etc. Please apply online at:

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